Granada is accustomed to eminent features that are outstanding in their way. Situated in Southern Spain, Granada hosts the famous Alhambra palace that many make their destination to. Granada is a city that has histories and other fascinating monuments all over Spain, and travelers come to learn about these ancient pieces. Granada is home for everyone who seeks to learn about history, and also have fun exploring the unique attractions that the place has to offer. To give the best Granada itinerary, this article will discuss some of the best things that you can do in this place.

  1. Visit the Museum of Fine Arts.

This is a place that would be conducive for art lovers. The museum contains over 2000 pieces of renaissance and monuments that trace back to ancient times. The place contains a lot of historical sculptures that precisely bring out the activities during the golden age. For tourists who want to study about religion, the museum contains religious arts that were presented by popular convents and monasteries in Granada. There are also paintings from renowned artists such as Mariano Fortuny and Alonso Cano. This would be fascinating for those tourists who are impressed by art.

  1. Spend a night at Sacromonte. 

Touring this place will leave you happy and full of fun. Firstly, the place contains caves which stand out and it will be exciting to visit them. Secondly, the flamenco that you’ll see in this place will ensure you have the best vacation. It is a cultural experience that you cannot afford to miss. Fascinating bars and restaurants are also found in Sacromonte where you can visit to ensure you have the best experience.

  1. Tour the Sierra Nevada National Park. 

As much as Granada provides a lot of history, there are also the Sierra Nevada Mountains which one can take time to visit. The Mountains are part of the Sierra Nevada national park, which is the largest national park in the whole of Spain. Furthermore, the mountains are one of the longest in the country and thus interesting to look at. During the summer, visitors are taken to the peaks by use of lifts to have the view by themselves. You should try this out any time soon.

  1. Take a dip at the Ancient Arab baths. 

These were places where the ancient Arab inhabitants gathered. The baths were constructed as part of the Arab’s Muslim culture. Other baths ceased to be functional, but Hammam AL Andalus is still in operation. There is a big bath that visitors come to take dips in it. Furthermore, there are also body massages, and other standard spa services being offered. This sounds fascinating and an experience worth trying out.

  1. Do your shopping at the Alcaiceria market. 

This place creates the shopping impression at first sight. Alcaiceria traces back to the ancient times where it was used as a place for making and exchanging silk. Therefore, the treasures you find here can’t be found anywhere else. The place provides unique ancient products such as African clothing, decorated glass lamps, and also leather goods. In addition to that, you’ll find wooden products that you’ll only find in Granada and at reasonable prices.

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