Great sporting cities in the United States

Sport can help to unite a nation, with the US no exception. There are so many different sports that it can be difficult to keep up; however, some places and cities in the US enjoy sport more than others and some prefer a particular sport. Here we look at what drives the US to enjoy its sport and which sports are the most popular amongst fans currently in the country.

According to The Harris Poll, the most popular sport across the whole of the US is pro-football; however, certain cities and certain parts of the US have their own preferences for different sports and others have more fans or better sports fixture attendance.

Sport in the US

Whether watching or playing, sport plays a big part in the lives of many Americans, with almost three-quarters of the nation claiming to be sports fans. The US sports industry makes more than $60bn (£48bn) a year from ticket sales and merchandise in addition to sponsorship and media rights over sporting events. Fantasy sport is also big business in the US, with this market alone worth more than $26bn; regardless, going to watch sporting events in person is still very popular and sporting venues are having to improve to try to maintain their ‘in person’ audience and to persuade people that watching on TV is no substitute. When attending a match or game you experience an atmosphere that can not be re-created via a television screen.

Which sports are the most popular?

The most popular sports in the US are baseball, soccer, football, hockey and basketball.  You will often find fans sporting the same Nike Football Kits or basketball kits that their team wears. You can find examples of kit at kitking which will allow you to feel like a pro when you are outing having a casual game with your friends. Recent research has revealed that the city that is the most ‘sporting’ in terms of fan experience is New York. Clearly the top cities for the individual sports are those where there are teams that are well known in the specific sports or where the climate is more suitable; for example, hockey tends to be a sport played mainly on the east coast.

The top place for American football fans is Green Bay, Wisconsin, which is home to the famous Green Bay Packers. Baseball is also more popular in places where there is a successful team; for example, Cincinnati is home to the Reds and Chicago is home to the Cubs.

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