7 Important Items You Should Not Pack in Your Check-in Luggage

Packing is one of my most favorite parts of any adventure. Thinking about the trip excites me just right, but when I start packing, it gives me all those butterflies in my belly!

It’s like an indication that it’s here, and it’s finally happening after all the planning and the scheduling.

From identifying what carry-on dimensions I need to bring or what clothes to pack, it’s really like an adventure in itself that I need to survive.

But there’s a lot about packing that we need to take seriously. Airport securities can be stern about their rules especially when it comes to prohibited items so don’t try making that cute puppy eyes on them as they mostly won’t budge.

Whether you decide to go on a luxurious vacation or a budget-friendly one, no one is exempted from the guidelines they have set on what not to pack in your check-in luggage.

To avoid any delays and conflicts, read the list below for your reference:

1. Electronic devices

Due to security and safety reasons, electronic devices aren’t allowed inside your checked baggage. If you don’t want them to turn into a thousand broken pieces after you’ve landed, then stash them inside your carry on.

There’s also the possibility of theft. And the worst part about this is that airlines are clear about not being responsible for any lost valuables of their passengers.

So to avoid problems like this, just don’t pack them inside your check-in luggage.

2. Jewelry

Again, such items of extreme value are not very suitable inside your checked baggage.

If you’ve heard of any news involving lost baggage at the airport, well then, I think that’s enough to scare you off not to pack your pieces of jewelry in your check-in luggage.

Remember to keep these things safe first and foremost. Regret always comes in the end, and no one wants to see you feel so down about something that can be avoided in the first place.

3. Documents

Your travel documents should always be within your reach. You will need them to get through security gates and counters.

If you put them inside your checked baggage, what’s the point? You’re wasting your time and that’s not a very ideal way to start your trip.

Make sure to store them inside a secure envelope or a pouch inside your carry-on. Easy access gets you ahead of everyone most of the time.

4. Medicines

If you’re under strict medication, packing your meds inside your carry-on is the way to go. It’s practically saving your life so don’t ever think of freeing space inside your carry-on by deciding to put your medicine kit inside your checked baggage.

Then again, even if you don’t have any maintenance to think about, it is still best advised to keep them in your carry-on for emergency purposes.

You might need a pill to cure that headache or your motion sickness once you’re inside the plane. And if your meds are stashed away from you, you have no other choice but to endure it until the plane lands, not to mention the possibility of losing your luggage at the airport.

5. Cash

Cash is the blood that gives life to your trips. You need it to pay for things ‒ if that needed emphasis.

Putting it inside your checked baggage robs you of the access to buy things for yourself inside the airport or on the plane. If you don’t want to put it in one place alone, I suggest you divide and put them in different places inside your carry on.

And by places, I mean secure ones that won’t eventually get lost during transit.

Conversely, cash can be a magnet of evil deeds. You’re mostly dealing with strangers at the airport. It’s not to promote a culture of prejudice and hate, but just to be cautious and responsible for all our belongings, it’s best that you put your money where you can always check them along with important cards.

6. All your clothes

Packing a couple of shirts and undergarments inside your carry-on is a wise move. That’s one perfect example of not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Although that applies best for cash references, it’s also applicable when it comes to packing your clothes.

There are things beyond your control and that includes not being able to have power when you lose your luggage. If you put all your clothes inside that lost bag, that leaves with nothing but the clothes you are wearing.

Not to frighten you or anything but sometimes, lost luggage can be found after a couple of days, which means you have to either stick with what you’re wearing or buy new pieces of clothing.

7. Prohibited items

These are the items that could cause danger to everyone inside the plane. No need to explain further about this since it’s a straightforward airline rule.

Don’t try sneaking in any of the prohibited items to avoid any additional security hold-ups inside the airport.

To make sure that you don’t pack one, check airline websites for the list of prohibited items on board.

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