Consider These Safety Tips When Camping In Mother Nature

Consider These Safety Tips When Camping In Mother Nature

Camping outdoors, in a cabin, or with an rv are all great ways for you to introduce your children to the outdoors. There is nothing more fun than getting your kids out of the house and into nature. Consider the following safety pointers before spending time with nature. Always keep an eye on your kids. Make sure they know that they should not go anywhere without informing you first. With the sunshine, natural beauty, and carefree feelings that overwhelm and nature lover, you can get “un-attentive” of your children and their whereabouts.

Be sure that you take care with the natural plants. Many plants will not look harmful, but they hid thorns and stickers, and may even have poisonnes leaves and seeds. Take special care if you have toddlers that love to put things in their mouths. Their discoveries could be harmful to them. Take care to maintain a safe distance from the local wildlife. Yes, they may look cute, but they are wild. A bite or scratch can lead to transmission of any number of diseases, including rabies. Along the same lines, do not let your children play with the fesces either. Besides being disgusting, some diseases are transmitted in the dust that comes from moving the waste. Never, ever, feed the wildlife. The more that you feed wildlife, the more you encourage them to expect feeding by humans. You are also training them to come into the camp where many bad confrontations happen. Don’t do it, and make sure your kids don’t either. Make sure that you always watch a live fire, and that you follow good procedure to make sure a fire is truly dead before leaving it. Always have one person that has accepted responsibility to watch the fire. In the old days, we called this fire watch duty. It is still just as important now. Only use tools that you know how to properly handle. Axes, knives, and saws can be quite useful. Train your kids to use them properly before allowing them to wield them. Make sure that you have a place to lock them up so the kiddies are not tempted to use them without supervision.

Never camp on autopilot. Be aware of your surroundings and the people that came with you. Make sure that nature is respected, and that you keep a good eye on your children. That way you can get the joy of camping in safety.

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