Riding Safely

When we talk about going into traffic, we always tell our loved ones to be very safe. It is just a matter of accidents that some people lost their life. So, being conscious in going out on any vehicle is as much important to the adults as it is for the kids or senior citizens of the society.

Although senior citizens and small kids are the most delicate individuals of the society. If they are on the bike we could not assume them to relocate themselves on their way in a second. Rather, there is a chance that they would lose their balance and fall down in no time.

So, taking care of yourself is utmost important. Here, we will see how more caution be as prevention is always better than cure.

Do’s and Don’ts of Bicycling

There must be some things which should be done to make your trip from home to work and then back to home safe. Traveling to the park for the purpose of seeking pleasure and enjoying the landscape is also underrated.

So, enjoy but with caution! The medical practitioners have stories to tell about such incidents. Look what Dr Richard Nahas has in store for you too.

●      Avoid Muscle Soreness

To avoid muscle soreness, it is highly recommended to keep yourself in motion. Hunching the shoulders is not a good option. However, tilting the neck and head is very much beneficial. While paddling different groups came into action. Thus, make it good for your body. High muscular activity could cause fatigue and muscle damage. So, do bicycling according to the needs and requirements of your body.

●       Protect the Head

Head injuries are assumed and as seen to be the most fatal and serious cause of death. So, it is necessary for the individuals to take care of their head. Wearing a helmet may not feel comfortable to many. However, its protection is the greatest. See the routine of Oprah Winfrey

●       Movement of Body

Be very precise with the posture of the body. The upper part of the body should stand still and the legs need to keep on moving. Paddling is the essence of bicycling. Most of the benefits to the body comes from paddling.

Be very conscious of where the shoulders are heading. Too much leaning in the way forward could make the bicycle imbalance. So, handling the body is as important as handling the bicycle.

●       Use Mirrors

Every vehicle that goes out on the road has mirrors so that every person and vehicle passing from the back and sides of the rider or the driver would be visible. However, the absence of those mirrors are more commonly absent in bicycles. It thus causes a danger for the bicycler that may prove to be fatal. So, be aware of the surrounding traffic too.

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Final Thoughts

Riding a bicycle comes with all the benefits but it is very dangerous when not handled properly. so be very wise.

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