Choosing The Right Camping Stove

Choosing The Right Camping Stove

There are several types of camping. Backpacking, car camping, and RV camping. Depending on the type of camping you are doing, determines the type of camping stove you will need. Outdoor camping stoves vary in size, weight, burners, and types of fuel used. Usually camping stoves that take up little room, are easy to set up, and tear down are the best. Also, the type of fuel plays an important part of selecting the right camping stove. A good camping stove should be able to support itself and the cookware placed on them with little to no chance of tipping over. The camping stove you select should be durable, reliable, easy to light, and perform well in all conditions you may encounter while camping. Liquid-fuel stoves are generally a compact single burner stove that burns white gas, which is a form of pure gasoline that contains no additives. However, some liquid fuel stoves burn kerosene, #1 diesel, unleaded gas, and jet fuel. All these fuels burn hot which makes this stove ideal for the backpacker who camps in harsh weather conditions and high altitudes. Because none of these fuels burn clean, it is imperative that you keep the burner clean for the stove to perform as intended. Liquid fuel stoves come equipped with a separate tank for the fuel, a primer pump to create pressure in the tank, a valve to control the flow of fuel going to the stove where the gas is mixed with air so it can burn. To improve their efficiency most liquid-fuel stoves come equipped with a wind screen and to improve their stability they are equipped with wide supporting legs.

Canister stoves are some of the lightest and easiest stoves to use. There’s no pumping or priming, just turn the knob, light it and you have maximum heat. The heat will adjust from low to high with ease. Because, these burn clean on butane, propane, or a mixture of both, the result is very little maintenance. Butane burns hot, yet it does not perform well in temperatures below freezing, whereas propane works well down to zero degrees. Since these connect directly to the canister the use of a wind screen is not recommended, due to it could cause heat buildup and create an explosion. Canister stoves by far are the best ones for the backpacker that does not camp in extreme cold temperatures or high altitudes. Propane stoves are available with single burner, dual burner, or one burner with grill. Propane stoves are best suited for the car camper and RV camper where size and weight does not matter. These are ideal for the camper needing to cook large meals or more than one type of food at the time. Most propane stoves come equipped with a windscreen, which will be helpful on windy days’. Also, some of these can connect to a propane canister or propane tank. Best of all, propane fuel is easy to find and use.

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